The Food of Italian Excellence

Casa Living is the first in the world to have implemented the project of the Food of Italian excellence, giving the opportunity to some companies of the gastronomic and culinary industry to present their products, excellence of Food Made in Italy 100% .


Because we believe strongly that Italy's excellence is not only in the design or in fashion, but also and specially in the flavors and good food, with products and culinary delights known worldwide.

DELICACY is the project that aims to highlight the kitchen products and good Italian food made with passion and ancient traditions that last a lifetime.

The dairy farms in this section are Italian and have a number of top gastronomic products that you can get by contacting the various corporate web sites found in this section.


We are dealing with delivering products abroad and representing the top - level companies worldwide!

All companies of Food industry that want to participe in this project, can contact us directly clicking here!

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