Top Luxury furniture brands projects for Home & Yacht


Interior Design Excellence

Our mission is evolving continuously in these areas with an aim to create lasting value for our clients. We work tirelessly to advance these disciplines and look for new and interesting ways to enrich the lives of people that experience the our environments.



"We are never tired to create and we always try to astound the people with our unique projects."

- Giuseppe Donato, CEO


To date CASA LIVING is present in many countries thanks to a capillary presence throughout the world. In continuous expansion CASA LIVING wants to get as close as possible to its customers with branches in Italy, South Africa and Kenya regions. Our Studio designs and produces unique masterpieces of Interior Design tailored to the sector Home, Villa, abode and Yacht.

We employ the best brands in the international market with products of absolute quality.

craftsmanship and attention to detail, tailoring of production processes make our study Leader in excellence of design and Italian style.


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